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Salem Smile Makeover

Orthodontic services are available at Holly Chamberlain DDS LLC for clients looking to restore their smile. These services are for those whose teeth have cracked or chipped, grown apart, or are misaligned. If left untreated, these symptoms can cause strain on chewing muscles, headaches and TMJ syndrome.
Braces – Consists of wires, brackets, and bands fashioned around the teeth as anchors. When the arch wire is tightened, it will progressively move your teeth to their proper position.
Holly Chamberlain DDS uses a more modern form of braces called Tip-Edge®. Tip-Edge® offers a straight, beautiful smile in fewer appointments than traditional brackets.
Tooth Contouring/Bonding – An enamel-like resin is used to repair cracked or chipped teeth and closes gaps by bonding to your teeth layer by layer.
Braces - Orthodontic Treatment in Salem, OR
To find out which options is best for your smile, schedule an evaluation with us today.