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Fixed dental bridges and implants at State Street Dental There are many causes of tooth loss. Common causes include gum disease, facial trauma, and bruxism. Teeth may fall out on their own or they may require extraction. Losing even just one tooth can have a serious impact on your life, regardless of whether or not the empty space can be seen when you smile. If you have suffered tooth loss, replacement is essential. State Street Dental can replace a missing tooth with a bridge.

What are the Effects of Tooth Loss?

Losing teeth affects more than just your smile. It can impact your whole life. Other effects of tooth loss include:
•  Trouble chewing properly.
•  Improper digestion and poor nutrition.
•  Difficulty speaking properly, such as the development of a lisp.
•  An increased risk for cavities and gum disease.
•  An increased risk of tooth damage.
•  Shifting teeth. The adjacent teeth can begin to shift into the empty space. When this happens, your bite is altered, which can lead to issues such as bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Tooth Replacement with a Bridge

A bridge is a common traditional treatment for replacing a missing tooth. There are a few different types of bridges, but fixed bridges are the most common. This type of restoration, typically made from porcelain, consists of a replacement tooth that fills in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth. The replacement tooth is made to resemble the tooth it is replacing. A crown is affixed to both sides of the replacement tooth. These function to anchor your bridge into place on the adjacent teeth.

The Process for Placing a Bridge

A bridge requires two separate appointments to complete. At your first appointment, the teeth on each side of the empty space are prepared. This process is performed under a local anesthetic, ensuring that you do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. A portion of the enamel is removed from each of these teeth, reducing them in size. This is done so that the bridge will fit properly in your mouth, providing you with a natural appearance and a comfortable bite. After preparing your teeth, an impression of your mouth is taken and sent to our dental lab. You are then provided with a temporary bridge.

The lab uses your impression to design and create your custom bridge. Once it is completed, you have your second appointment. At this appointment, your bridge is checked to ensure a proper fit and proper bite. If everything looks and feels good, and there are no adjustments needed, your bridge is bonded into place.

Benefits of a Bridge

Bridges provide many significant benefits. These benefits include:
•  Restoring the quality of your smile.
•  Restoring your ability to bite and chew properly. This also helps to improve your digestion, and your overall nutrition.
•  Improving your oral health.
•  Restoring even biting and chewing pressures, which reduces your risk for tooth damage.
•  Preventing bruxism and TMJ issues. A bridge helps to keep your teeth in proper alignment.

Even if a missing tooth cannot be seen when you smile, replacing it is still essential. Call State Street Dental today at (971) 332-3020 for more information and to find out if a bridge is the right solution for you.

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