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The teeth have many essential responsibilities and perform a variety of different functions every single day. Your teeth are the strongest substance in your body, which enables them to stand up to this use. While they are incredibly strong, they can still suffer physical damage and decay. When these issues arise, the affected teeth may be at risk for further damage and infections. At State Street Dental, we can restore damaged teeth with crowns.

What is a Crown?

There are all kinds of issues that can lead to tooth damage. Common causes include facial trauma, such as a car accident or sports injury, and severe tooth decay. You may damage a tooth biting down on something too hard or because you suffer from an issue such as bruxism. Damage and decay can weaken the affected tooth, leaving it vulnerable to further harm. Bacteria can also get inside of the tooth, leading to an infection.

A crown is a dental restoration designed to treat a damaged tooth when the damage is too significant to be treated with a more conservative solution such as veneers, bonding, or fillings. It resembles a cap. It covers the entire surface of a damaged tooth, encasing it. This serves many functions. First, it holds a damaged tooth together, preventing further harm. It helps to keep bacteria out, preventing infections. It also helps to restore strength to the damaged tooth so that it can function normally again.

What are Crowns Made Of?

There are a few different types of crowns, each with their benefits and drawbacks. Metal crowns are the strongest crowns. They are virtually indestructible and can last 50 years or longer. They also require the least amount of tooth enamel to be removed. However, metal crowns are not the most aesthetic option. They are silver or gold in color. This can cause cosmetic concerns, particularly when treating teeth near the front of the mouth. Metal can also be problematic for those with metal allergies.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns provide the strength of metal with the aesthetics of ceramic. A metal base surrounds the tooth, and a porcelain coating helps to provide a more natural appearance. Even so, a metal line can sometimes be seen through the porcelain. Moreover, again, the metal can cause problems if you have an allergy.

Ceramic crowns provide the greatest aesthetic benefits. The material looks exactly like your real teeth and mimics how your tooth enamel reflects light. While not as strong as metal, ceramic is still fairly strong. These factors make ceramic crowns ideal for treating damaged teeth at the front of the mouth.

How is a Crown Placed?

Placing a crown requires two separate appointments. At the first appointment, we remove a portion of the enamel from the damaged tooth. This reduces the size of the tooth so your crown will fit properly in your mouth. Next, an impression is taken. This impression is sent to our lab, where the crown is designed and created. Because it can take a couple of weeks, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it while you wait. At your second appointment, we check your final crown for comfortable fit and natural bite before bonding it into place.

What are the Benefits of Crowns?

Crowns provide many significant benefits. Regardless of material, a crown protects a damaged tooth from further harm. It prevents bacterial invasion, protecting the tooth against infections. It restores the strength of the tooth so that it can function normally. With the tooth restored, you avoid the need for a tooth extraction and later replacement.

If you have suffered tooth damage, a crown can be an effective solution for restoring its strength and functionality while protecting it from further damage and infections. Call State Street Dental at (971) 332-3020 to schedule your appointment today.

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