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Digital x-rays at State Street Dental
Dental exams are an essential component in the care of your mouth. Routine exams allow us to spot issues in their earliest stages, which can allow for fast, minimally-invasive treatments. Dental exams when you are exhibiting symptoms of an issue help to identify the root cause, helping you to get the treatment you need to restore the health of your mouth. In order to identify oral health issues, we need to see your whole mouth. However, there are many components that are not visible. At State Street Dental we can take a closer look at the hidden areas of your mouth with digital x-rays.

Do I Really Need X-Rays?

Exams allow us to detect a number of different issues in your mouth. While we can examine many of the structures in your mouth with the naked eye, there are many components that cannot be seen. X-rays allow us to examine these otherwise impossible to see areas, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis of oral health issues as well as more effective treatment planning. With x-rays, we can spot:
•  Cavities between your teeth.
•  Root damage.
•  Bone loss.
•  Fractures in your jawbone.
•  Abscesses.
•  Cysts.
•  Impacted teeth.
•  Tumors in your jawbone.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Traditionally, x-rays have been taken using radiation. Images taken with this technology are then developed in a dark room. Because the images take time to develop, you lose valuable appointment time. In addition to requiring time, many patients are concerned over the use of radiation to capture images.

Today, we are able to take x-rays using digital technology. An electronic sensor is placed into your mouth. This sensor is attached to a computer. Images are captured with the click of a button, and are displayed almost immediately on the computer monitor. We do not have to leave the room to develop your images. In addition to displaying images quickly, we also have use of software that allows us to zoom in on specific areas so that we can see the smallest details of your mouth. Thanks to digital x-ray technology, we are able to provide you with the level of care you deserve.

The Benefits of Digital X-Ray Technology

There are numerous benefits associated with digital x-ray technology. These benefits include:
•  A reduced exposure to radiation. In most cases, radiation exposure is reduced up to 95%.
•  Taking images is quick, easy, and completely painless.
•  Images are displayed almost immediately on a computer monitor. There is no need to wait while x-rays are developed in a dark room.
•  Computer software allows us to zoom in on different areas of your x-rays. The images can also be enhanced for greater clarity. These features, and more, allow for greater accuracy in diagnosis and much more effective treatment plans.
•  Your whole appointment is spent with you. Because your images are displayed almost immediately, we can spend your whole appointment helping you to understand what we find and going over your treatment options. We are also able to take the time necessary to answer your questions and address your concerns. This can help you to feel more confident in your dental care.

Digital x-rays provide us with a complete picture of your mouth so that we can provide you with optimal dental care. For more information, and to schedule your next appointment, call State Street Dental today at (971) 332-3020.

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