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Same Day Crowns In Salem, OR

Same Day Crowns:
When your tooth has fractured, or has become too decayed for a filling, your dentist may determine that it needs a crown. Traditionally, an impression would be made of the tooth, and then sent to a dental lab to have the crown built. The patient would wear a temporary crown during this time, and would come in for a second appointment to have the crown seated.
Holly Chamberlain DDS believes her patients deserve the most modern technology available to them, and is proud to offer same day crowns through CEREC® technology. With CEREC® technology, a camera will take a few seconds to scan the tooth, and a crown will be milled out of a ceramic block a few minutes later. The crown is then ready to be placed immediately, and the patient will go home being able to eat, brush and floss
– just like they normally would.
Dr Chamberlain knows that investing in technology is an investment in the health of her patients. Same-day crowns are just one way of providing her patients with great results, and saving them time.